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Hello All,

This piece was my Grandmothers and wondering if anyone can tell me what it is, used for and approx value. The is made by Mippin & Webb of England. It does have a # on the bottom and can get that if necessary.

Any help is appreciated.


Probably a chafing dish of some sort. The burner would be used to keep the contents warm until required.

As you only mention the manufacturer’s name and a number I assume it is electroplated. As such it will not have much value. I suggest you check out the completed auction feature on eBay to see what people are willing to pay for an electroplated chafing dish.

I don’t think it’s a chaffing dish for a couple of reasons. One, it’s so small, only 5+ inches diameter and two! the piece at the bottom has hole in top, bottom and sides and there is no way to open that piece to put any type heating element in it. I can’t answer if it is electroplated or not.

Thanks for your input


In that case it’s an egg coddler. I see a hole for a wick in the top of the burner (the bit at the bottom). I’m not sure what you mean by “heating element” but this heats by burning paraffin (kerosene).

Very nice looking piece if its silver.