please help identify spoon markings

hi, i have had this spoon for a while and was just hoping to find out a bit about it. i think it is silver as it looks and feels different from the plated stuff i have seen alot of, but am not sure if its solid. the first mark seems to be a pentagon with maybe a 2 in it, i have no idea what is in the middle but then it has 90. any info on it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

the spoon itself
spoon1  2.JPG

This is a German (post-1886) mark. The “pentagon” is actually a crown and should have a half-moon on its left. These are normally followed by a 3-digit number giving the silver standard; “800” is probably the most common (for 800/1000 pure silver). There should also be a maker’s mark, sometimes between the crown and the standard mark, sometimes afterwards. A guide to German marks can be found here.

Not of the rococo period obviously, but with that particularly attractive floriate decoration, and, to me, a lovely piece

thanks, i really appreciate the info. i had no idea where it was from and i think it may be breidenstein & renaud going by the shape of the crown and the triangular mark in the middle. the marks are so small its hard to get a clear picture. but it definitely has 90, not 3 numbers. i wonder why?