Please help identify the maker of the silver cup

I would assume that this is a goblet of French production. But, unfortunately,
I do not know which firm made it and in what period of time.
I will be grateful for your help.

This is most probably the French Minerva mark for the 950/1000 silver used since 1838. As you have an inscription from late forties of XX century that gives you the other limit for the manufacturing period. Unless you find the maker’s mark (in losenge) one cannot be more precise.

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Hi GeorgeS,

Thank you very much for your reply. I did find a very small mark on the bottom of this cup. It is so small that I did not pay attention to it. The stamp is rhomboid, inside the rhombus there is a five-pointed star and three letters “ERF”. Also, in the lower part of the cup, near the bottom, there is a stamp with the image of “Minerva’s head”. I am attaching a few more photos.


Hi again,
Unfortunately, I do not recognize the maker’s mark (there are so many) and I cannot be more helpful.
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