Please help identify these

I’ve recently inherited a few silver pieces from my grandfather. And as far as i know, they belonged to my great grandfather. But I know little else. Could you help me identify the marks, and possibly give me an appraisal as to the value of these items?

There is a teapot, a large fork, a sugar bowl and a tray. But the tray does not seem to have any marks on it. I’ll just post pictures of it anyway, and maybe you can tell me if it was part of a set. I had to put up pictures the fork and tray in a separate post since there seems to be a maximum of three per post.

I really would love to know what I’ve inherited (it would be nice to pass down to my daughter), so i really appreciate any help you can give.

Here are pictures of the fork and tray:


Thanks for joining us and especially thanks for the good clear pictures.

The sugar bowl is sterling silver. The marks indicate that it was made by S Blanckensee & Sons Ltd of Birmingham, and that it was assayed in Chester in the assay year 1928. The teapot is also sterling silver with the maker being Adie Brothers Ltd, also of Birmingham. The hallmark is a Birmingham one for either 1913 or 1938 (lower case o for 1913 and upper case O for 1938 are difficult to distinguish). However the design registration number was issued in 1933 so the assay date must therefore be 1938.

I can’t say anthing about the tray as there are no markings. The fork is (clearly) made by Walker & Hall of Sheffield. It appears to be electroplate with some plating loss round the edges.

Values will depend on condition and size so we would need some more information and probably pictures of the whole items. The tray and fork will have only very minimal values, but the teapot and sugar bowl are certainly going to have some value. I always find that the best place to look for approximate values is the completed auctions section of eBay. You are almost certain to find something similar to yours. But do feel free to post more details and pictures.

Finally do give the teapot and bowl a polish. Silver looks best with a good shine. Use good quality silver polish and the black tarnish should disappear.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

Its so great to know how old these pieces are at last. I tried looking on Ebay as you suggested, but i’m not too familiar with it and I couldn’t find the auctioned items section.

I have attached more pictures. Just a rough idea would do. I really appreciate the help.
Thank you!

And the rest:

Sugar bowl: £35-£55
Teapot: £150-£200

Thank you so very much!