Please help identify this bowl

I am trying to learn anything I can about this wonderful bowl. It has 3 nearly identical feet, half-horse half-fish (Hippocampus?). The bowl is lightly hammered on the bottom.

The bowl weighs 494 grams, 21 cm diameter, 7 cm high from the bottom of the feet to the rim.

It was either a gift to my mother (she does not remember) or she inherited it from her mother so I would love to know:

  • Where it was made
  • When it was made
  • An approximate value if possible

It is German 800 standard silver made by Neresheimer & Söhne of Hanau no earlier than 1893 when the company was founded. I cannot help with the value but you might find something similar in Ebay’s “Sold” listings.

The company is still in business with a web site in German here or in English via Google translate here.


Thank you very much for this information. The most important to me was in place of manufacture. The mystery deepens however because my family live in the US and Canada. My grandparents must have bought in on a trip to Germany.

I could not find anything similar on eBay, through an internet search or on their website which is OK, that was less important than the maker and location.