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Please Help Identify This Hallmark - Sterling Silver Fork

Hey everybody, I’m Mike and I’m new to the forum. I picked up a few pieces at a garage sale earlier today, and found this piece particularly compelling. I tried to find some more information on it, but I’ve had trouble identifying the maker using the hallmark.
I’ve got a few pics, and I thank you all in advance for any help or advice!

Well, as I waited for my pictures to upload to my file server, I THINK I found the maker. It appears to be consistent with the Towles company, with the mark not being a letter, as I originally thought, but a logo with a lion in the middle…It’s hard to see in the photo, but with the naked eye I see what appears to be the tail and the head, etc. So, perhaps somebody could confirm/dispute this?! I know, I know–so much asking for a n00b! Thanks guys and gals!!


Hi there Mike and thanks for joining us. The maker’s mark apears to be that of the Towle Silversmiths of Newburyport, Mass. Towle, like most American makers, did not date-code its wares, but the mark is a fairly early one, say the first part of the 20th century.


Uncle Vic

Thank you so much! My family and I are avid bargain hunters and “pickers”, though most is kept down to rummage sales, thrift stores, and the like. Nonetheless, it’s great to know we have helpful people to go to when we encounter other mind-boggling hallmarks and silver needs!