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Please help identify


Hi not too sure how these forums work but i have an old tea pot john by john round and son and im trying to find out what it is and rough value is it worth anything at all


You will probably have worked out that, as it does not have a hallmark and that the oval stamp says EP (or is it BP?), it is electroplated. As such it won’t have a great value, possibly up to £20 based on recent Ebay sales, but that is dependent upon the plating being in good condition. If there is any plating loss the value will be virtually zero.



Whats a hallmark? What does that mean and Is this one


A hallmark is a mark or set of marks applied by an independent authority guaranteeing a fineness standard. The prime example is the system used in England, Scotland and Ireland. What you have shown is a manufacturer’s mark as is the main mark of John Round & Son.