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Please help identifying Silver teapot.

The teapot appears to be a Georgian silver teapot however, I have been unable to find the hallmark. Any help would would be much appreciated I have been trying to match it up from other images for awhile now. Thanks in advance! I can not tell what the first symbol on the hallmark is, I thought perhaps a leaf? the second symbol appears to me to be a man seated in a boat, followed by D & G. I could be wrong though, maybe I have been staring at it too long. Thanks again

I found it! It appears to be a Dykin & Sons mark.

It’s actually Deykin & Harrison, successors to Deykin & Sons. I hope that the fact that it is electroplated rather than solid silver is not too much of a disappointment!

Thank you, I did see that it was plated but didn’t realize it was Deykin and Harrison. Thank you for correcting me! I was hopeful it was silver but the other pieces it came with were plated so it want too much of a surprise. This is a company I wasn’t familiar with so I plan to do some reading up on it just to expand my knowledge. Thanks again