Please help identifying vintage cigarette case


Can anyone help give me some more info about this cigarette case I inherited from my grandparents? I haven’t had much luck, so thought I’d ask around!

It appears to have the initials DHC inscribed on the front. Would this be the owner’s initials, or the manufacturers?

Inside, it says ‘EH’ (possibly FH) sterling silver.

Any details like the time period, manufacturer, interior plating material etc. would be really helpful. Rough value, if anyone has an idea would also be good to know (even if it’s not worth much).

Edit: I’m in Australia, and I suspect the manufacturer may be ‘Edwin Harrop’ of ‘Magnus Goldring’ in Sydney. Not very sure of this though…

The initials on the front are those of the owner. The internal coating is some form of gilding but I have never known just how it is done; it seems to be pretty much universal in cigarette cases. I cannot answer any of your other questions.


Thanks Phil, I’m wondering if the initials may have been another relative. Wish me luck finding out!