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Please help identifying

Hello Silver lovers:

I need some help identifying, dating and pricing this set. The picture of the hallmarks has been boosted to make them more readable. I needed I can post more pictures.

I guess it is US as I found it here.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration


Andre - thanks for joining us here…I don’t see that mark in my American books. Anyone else out there have a clue?

Uncle Vic

Hello Uncle Vic:

Thanks for the quick reply :smiley: and the trouble of trying to look it up. Seems it does not readily ring a bell with anybody :confused: . Should I try and repost under English silverware? Or sit it out a bit longer :question: .

Take Care


Andre - most of us look at all the posts, so let it sit for a while…if you could get a clearer pix of the mark might help. The fact that it does not have the words “sterling” tells us it is probably a silver plated item if American. To my eye the set looks silver plated, not sterling, but that’s just my eye on it. Try to get a better focus on the mark for us. There is a vast amount of knowledge here at your disposal…and we all enjoy helping.

Uncle Vic