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Please Help Me Date My Teapot

Hi. My son bought this teapot for me at an antique store because he knows I love old things. I have tried my best to date it and believe it to have been made some time between 1860 and 1890, but I cannot find anything with the exact same markings. I have attached a photo. I was able to get all of the marking on the bottom of the teapot except the number “25” which is just under the words “2 pints”. I know it may not be worth much as he didn’t pay much for it. But I would love to know how old it is. Any help you could give me would be great.

Another picture of my Walker & Hall teapot.

Sorry, it can’t be done, except on stylistic grounds. Although W&H date coded some of their electroplate this piece does not have a date code. The “A” is an indication of plating quality and the number is some sort of internal factory identification.

My own feeling is that this is quite firmly well into the 20th century, possibly 1950s or 1960s, but I’m quite happy to be overruled by other opinions.

Thanks so much for your response. The reason I thought it was older was the flag looks more like the earlier version on your website. I’ve seen what looks like the same pot on ebay and other sites, but the others have more markings than the one I have. Not sure why it doesn’t have all the other markings.

The configuration of the mark ‘Walker & Hall Sheffield’ puts it after 1917. The 1323 (catalogue number) teapot was made in large quantities, mainly for the catering trade, right up to the 1960’s
Sorry I cannot be more precise, but I hope that this helps.