Please help me ID this Tiffany Spoon

This was in a small bag of silver flatware we got from my wife’s father and this one looks interesting. I was hoping someone had seen something like this before. The wording was the only marking I saw Says Tiffany & Co E.P. and a B on the top handle looks like old english. Ant help would be appreciated

EP normally stands for Electroplate.

You think there is any value to it?

I note that there are marks in the bowl and on the handle. If these are down to loss of plating then I don’t expect there is any value there. However American items are not really in my area of expertise. Unfortunately this forum seems to have lost many of its expert contributors so you may not get a better answer.

It looks to be a Tiffany Whittier silverplate spoon. You can get a value range by checking out some of the resale sites. will give you a higher end range (they have great pictures) and eBay will give you lower end range (if checking out eBay, be sure to search using sold listings).

Good luck…