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Please help me identify 4 sets of marks

Hi al
Sorry to be a pain, but I have searched on the internet for these but the longer I look the more confused I become, if you could help with any information it would be much appreciated

I hope the pics are clear enough I read the post on taking pics and tried my best, the 4th pic is in the next post


Here is the 4th picture

many thanks

picture 2 is silver from Birmingham, the other 3 are silver plated marks.
JG= maker

The Lion shows that it was valued in a britain assay office.
Then check out this site
for british makers by the initials J G
Once you know the assay office (Birmingham)
go to the birmingham Date letter sheet

so the second photo.
Joseph Gloster
Year: 1950

I hope blackfox will not mind me making a small correction. The date of the Joseph Gloster spoon is 1907.

While I’m responding I might as well give some details of the other spoons in case the original poster comes back:

1 (“pic 3”): electroplate by John Gilbert & Sons of Birmingham

2 (“pic 2”). sterling silver by Joseph Gloster Ltd of Birmingham, date 1907

3 (“pic 1”): electroplate by Elkington Mason & Co of Birmingham

4 (“pic 4”): electroplate by Harrods Ltd of London

thanks silvermakers mark. I am kinda new to this, having only started looking into silverware about a week ago so please forgive my ignorant observations.
I was reading the birmingham date sheet with the incorrect orientation.