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Please help me identify these hallmarks on a silver teaset.

I need help with these hallmarks. I have tried to identify these hallmarks myself and have even had an online appraisal done. My research does not match the appraisers so I hope someone can help me. I have tried to take a clear picture but my digital camera (and my inexperience) will not allow it. I have used Picasa to try to help.

The appraiser and I agree that the set is sterling silver and the maker is William Aitken but that is all we agree on. She says the set was made in Birmingham but the mark looks to me like Chester because of the sword and sheaves. I am also unsure of the date. I would also like to know is there are any accurate online appraisers out there. Any and all help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Looks like the William Aitken’s mark.
It was entered both in Birmingham and Chester.
The date looks like Chester, 1901.

Hi there,
The mark is that of William Aitkin, registered in Chester in 1899. The date letter is actually a year earlier than Snuffer mentioned, 1900 rather than 1901.


Thank you both very much for the information. I bought this teaset at an auction for $2.00…I was the only bidder. Can you believe that? Did I get a great deal or what? I am so excited about my new treasure!!

Thanks again,


Yes, it’s 1900 and YES - You did get a good deal! I’m in England but I reckon you could muliply what you paid by at least 100 to get its value!