Please help me identify these silver marks

I would very much appreciate help in identifying a maker’s mark and proof/hall/other mark on a napkin ring. It belonged to my great grandfather William Barnes of Ashbourne, Derbyshire UK, and bears his initials WB. I shortly plan to give it to another one of his great grandchildren, a US citizen, now living in Colorado.

One of William Barnes sons emigrated to Concord Massachusetts in the early 1900s, Other children emigrated to Vancouver.

As the marks are not British, I am assuming they may be US marks, and that the napkin ring may have been sent from the US by his son, perhaps for a 60th or 80th birthday gift or similar. I do not think, from what I have found on the internet, that the marks are Canadian.

Can anyone help me please?

Many thanks

Nigel Aspdin

Derby, UK
WB Napkin Ring.jpg
WB Napkin Ring Proof Mark.jpg
WB Napkin Ring Maker Mark.jpg

Hi Nigel and thanks for joining us. I don’t recognize the marks as American, although the bust could be that of the Mt. Vernon Silver Co. (the bust may be of George Washington). The other mark, the “&” one, does not ring a bell.

Perhaps some of our readers could help?


Uncle Vic

This is a French hallmark. The Minerva’s head shows the silver standard and the mark in the lozenge is the maker’s mark.