Please help me identify this hallmark

Hi Please help me identify this hallmark. I believe it may be Matthew Boulton. The date letter is barely visible. Any help is apprecieated!
Thank You, Victoria

I think that you are right with your identification of Matthew Boulton. In my opinion the date letter is C for 1830. Can we see a picture of the full item please? And for any reader who may be unsure, the other bits of the hallmark indicate Birmingham assayed sterling silver.

Hi, Thank you for your reply. Here are additional photos. It is marked in another spot with the additional photo. The pedestal base is incised on two sides with a coat of arms. It is about 13.5"h overall. The bowl is fitted on the pedestal but removable. Thank you again for any information you are able to provide. I have not been able to find similar examples or confirm the maker!! Best,