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Please help me to identify the Hallmark. Fake?

Please help! Thank you!

There are two questions:
1,Why the shape of lower left corner of anchor is not CUT CORNER?
2, Maker‘s mark is AGG, i can’t find it but only A.G.G

This hallmark looks fine to me. There are several factors which must be borne in mind when looking at old hallmarks:

  • silver is a relatively soft metal, even when alloyed with copper as sterling, so 135 years of wear and tear are bound to have some effect;
  • a ring of this sort would probably have been sent to the Assay Office as a strip and then joined by the silversmith after its return so the silversmith himself may well have caused some distortion to the hallmarking;
  • the Assay Office will have had a selection of punches to use, all of them hand-made so we can expect some variations.

As far as the maker’s mark is concerned, identification sites such as mine are far from giving a comprehensive coverage as there are far more marks out there than we have so far been able to document, and many makers had more than one mark registered; for example several different sizes may be needed and replacements have to be made when punches wear out. Alfred George Griffiths, the likely silversmith here, was certainly in business before this ring was made in 1884 so I am pretty sure that this is one of his marks, but one which has not made it into any of the reference books or web sites.


Thank you so much Phil.