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PLEASE Help me with Cutlery Hallmark ID!!!?

I have inherited several bits of silver cutlery, including a set of silver & bone knives and forks, along with silver fish knives and silver spoons.

The first image is of the fork hallmarkings (third symbol is a 6 pointed star) plus around the wrap of the handle there are the following marking: “HG” then a crown sign, a lion, plus an ‘d’ in old font – any clues to age/make etc?

The second image is from the fish knife (last symbol has “W&H within a flag design”).

The third from the spoon - a deep round, perhaps a soup spoon (middle symbol appears to be a flower).

Many thanks in advance if you can help with any of these.
EP Flower NS .JPG
H F star S EP.JPG

It sounds as if you may have one hallmark in there - the rest are trademarks. When you see “EP” on silver it almost always means ElectroPlate, so your pieces are not solid silver. “EPNS” is electroplated nickel silver; I don’t recognise the stylised flower mark so can’t tell you the manufacturer. W&H is Walker & Hall of Sheffield and HF are Harrison Fisher & Co, also of Sheffield.

Finally the ferrule with HG, crown, line, “d” sounds as if it is probably hallmarked silver. It may be Sheffield 1896. Here is an example for you to check yours against:

If this matches then HG is probably Henry Greaves.