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I have inherited several beautiful sterling silver dinner plates about 10 inches in diameter and weighing more than a pound each. I would like some help to identify the age and anything else. I have included two photograph one is a close up of the plate detail and the other is a photo of the hallmarks found on the bottom side of each plate.

There are three hallmarks:

First is a standing lion
Second is a lion head with crown
Third is the letter “L”

Thank you very much in advance if you can help me to identify anything about these plates.
Dinner Plate Hallmarks.JPG
Dinner Plate Closeup.JPG

WOWOWOW great pieces… the marks read as follows… lion passant tells you it is Sterling, the crowned leopard ( often called a lion ) tell you it was made in London prior to 1822 and the L date tell you it was duty paid in 1805…dont see a makers make tho… look over ALL the plates there really should be makers marks on items this big and of what look like nice quality…seems to older the British Silver the less orderly the markings…