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Please Help me with Value & Indenty


Can anyone help me identify this Sweet Angel Spoon set. I found it in an area Antiques Store and fell in Love with it right away. It includes what appears to be a Large serving Spoon that measures 7 1/4" long and a small spoon that measures 5 1/2" long. They are both signed on their backs D9Mai. They are marked I 800 and come in their Original Box. Does anyone know the maker or value. Thank You Very Much For All your Help Friend.
PS SEE All the Photos in the Post below
Angel Spoon.jpg


Hi Carol,
Its very hard for me to tell you anything without pictures i’m afraid. If you follow the instructions in the photographing silver section, it should be easy to get the pictures uploaded.



I finally was able to add a Photo and here is another photo. Thanks for all your Help Friends.
Angel Back.jpg


Here’s another Photo of the Sweet Angels on the Spoons. Don’t Just Just Love them.
Angel 2.jpg


Here’s a Photo of the Sweet Spoons in there Box
Angel box.jpg


Miss Carol, Uncle Vic here. We need a close up of the maker’s marks, probably on the back of the spoon handles to give you some idea of who made them and what they may be worth.


Uncle Vic


Here is the 800 Mark. This and the Mark with the 1883 date is all the marks that there are. Thanks For all your Help Uncle Vic
800 Mark.jpg


Thanks, Miss Carol. My guess is the spoons are European, thus the “800” for 80% silver. The “I” appears to be a city mark, but I can’t find it in my books, but Continental silver is not something I know a lot about. My further guess is the date was engraved and commemorates some occasion and the spoons were a gift about that time. A pair of nice 800 spoons like yours would sell for $100-200 here in the USA.

Best wishes,

Uncle Vic


Thank You Uncle Vic. I really Appreciate all your Help. I have more silver that I’ll be posting in a few days. Thanks Again and Have A Great Weekend.


Try to sell the spoons here


these spoons were made by the german manufacturer Koch & Bergfeld about 1890 - worth 25 pounds


Thank You Very Much for all your help. I really Appreciate it.


Can someone help me identify a siver goblet that is dated 1883 by the maker Mauritus ? I dont have a camera to post some photos, but will look at getting that done. I am looking for Value and Identity. Thank You to anyone whom can help.