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Please help - Silver gift?

Hello all
I have just been given 6 pieces of cutlery by my Mother in Law (they’re not all dragons). When she gave them to me she told me they were silver and what her ex husband had found.
Would it be at all possible to identify whether they are silver or not please?
I have photographed them as well as I possibly can, but if some of them are not clear enough, I will try again.
Thank you all so much
[color=red]Sorry, I think I have posted this in the wrong forum but I am not sure which forum it [color=red]should be in not knowing their origin.


Sorry to say that they are all, at best, electroplate. Although I can’t positively identify each piece, I can see that none of them have anything indicating that they are silver. You might like to take a look at this site, which has a pretty good selection of electroplaters’ marks to see which ones you can identify for yourself.

Excellent and thank you for your help.