Please HELP! Sterling or Plated??? Wallace Dish

Ok so first off I am very familiar with silver I’m just not good enough to tell by touch or look. I do know the first rule that 99% of the time if it’s not marked then it’s not sterling. I also know how to use a magnet on silver. So here’s the problem. I recently bought a large fruit/serving dish made by Wallace. The dish is the baroque design number 222. Under each handle its stamped “baroque by Wallace 222” on the bottom of the fish is a sticker that looks original that says wallace silversmiths sterling made in usa. It’s blue and silver. Other than that there is no actual engraving or stamp that says sterling or 925. I know Wallace makes pieces in both sterling and plate. I can find several other dishes just like mine but they are all plated but they are also all stamped Wallace silverplate annd some have a sticker similar to mine but there’s say silverplate instead of sterling. The only info I have found is an old forum where two people had the same problem and both there’s were sterling. One of them ordered it right from the factory and called the factory when they got it and the factory said that sometimes this happens. Has anyone else heard or seen this? I can’t imagine marking something with just a sticker. Also though I can’t find this dish in sterling anywhere. I would have no clue what it would be worth if it is sterling since I can’t find another one. I will try to load pictures of mine and what the plated ones I’ve found look like. Thank you for any help. I either have a goldmine here or junk. I need help!!!

It’s likely not sterling unfortunately.