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Please help to identify the hallmarks

That’s a Gorham mark (Gorham Mfg Co of Providence, RI). I don’t know whether the laurel wreath is of any significance.


Thank you Phil for your fast respond. Firs 3 photos are for Tea pot. 2nd, 3d photos are the only marks tea pot has. May be you have any ideas about country of making or stile of this tea pot. I tried to find laurel wreath as a sterling mark in different countries and was not successful. I appreciate any ideas of research I can do. Thank you again.

The use of the word “sterling” implies an American origin. I can’t find an ID for the laurel wreath but it has been seen and queried elsewhere without a positive ID: Silver Forums at

Phil, thank you again. You helped me to solve this mystery. The mark definitely belongs to Watson Co. Laurel wreath supposed to have a sword in the middle. Mark on my tea pot only has handle and top of the sword. The rest probably was were out . This is not the first time you helped me . Thanks, thanks, thanks.