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please help to identify this fork

i have this fork and don’t know anything about it :frowning:
please help to identify it

Hi, I’ll start the ball rolling and hopefully others can fill in the blanks. The maker is Elkington Mason & co. This company existed, I think, between 1842 and 1861. I think Elkington secured the patent for the electroplating process in 1842, maybe a year or two earlier. Elkington were one of the few (only?) electroplate manufacturers to use a date coding, starting in 1848 with ‘K’, similar to the English hallmark convention. So if my reading is correct your fork dates between 1848 and 1861. I can’t make out the letter, I’m assuming it’s a letter, in the lozenge shaped punch. That letter would date it precisely.
Hope this start helps.

The punch shape (square with cut corners) indicates a date between 1865 and 1885 and the date letter appears to be T which makes it 1879. And I will just emphasise, as Tony said, that this is electroplate and not silver.