Please, help with hallmarks!

Please, help with hallmarks. Spoon bought in New Zealand a few years ago. Length 11cm. Windmill’s blades can rotate. Appreciate any information. Thanks
P1100867 mm.jpg

That is a silverplate mark that was used by H. Hooijkass of the Netherlands. Check here:

Thank you “snuffer” for pointing in the right direction. Actually I was looking through this page but didn’t recognize my hallmark, maybe because it was just part of it. … LATEH.html - on this page I found mark exactly like mine. But my spoon very light and thin and doesn’t look like plated. Maybe HH was doing silver as well with this mark?


The number 90 indicates that it’s silverplated. Check out this article on European silverplate:

Thank you, maybe you know the answer to my next question: is it suitable as christening spoon?
It looks smaller than teaspoon and very nice. But now I think it was part of 12 small teaspoons and not really suitable as christening spoon and not even valuable.
And maybe you know what first part of the mark does mean?