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please help!

hi thanks for reading i need help finding what the marks on my 6 Daniel & Arter table/desert spoons mean the pictures below show the markings with 1 difference, the picture showing the markings shows a letter C where as my spoons have a letter B the rest of the markings are exactly the same, also on the front of the spoons it has what look like the letter E engraved twice at the top of the handle, i think this is just the initials of the person who first owned the if anyone can help i am trying to find out what the markings mean such as year they were made and where they were made. I will be extremely grateful for any help with this.

As I am sure you have realised, your spoons are electroplated and not solid silver (the letters after the C in the picture are EP for electroplate). Without being 100% certain I think that the letters B or C may represent the quality of the plating with a hierarchy of A1 better than A better than B better than C. Daniel & Arter were a Birmingham company who made both solid silver and electroplated wares. It is not unfortunately possible to date electroplate accurately so the best I can say is late 19th - early 20th century.

thanks for you help