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please help

I,m so glad I found this forum… :slight_smile:
I bought a broken pot thing, I think it used to be a condiment holder, as its got a square hole in the bottom, however, I love it for its shape, but as hard as I try I cant find what the marks are, and as for Mappin & Compy nothing only Mappin and webb,

can you please help… it says mappin & compy, sheffield, 77& 78 oxford st London, then P 9 3 underneath, then 3 with a B under it, and finally I think its S.K 250
thank you Debbie

Mappin & Co were a very short lived entity so we can date your object very precisely. John Newton Mappin and his 3 brothers inherited the company of their father Joseph Mappin and renamed it Mappin Brothers. John Newton Mappin fell out with his brothers and founded his own company, Mappin & Co in 1859. He opened a shop at 77-78 Oxford Street in 1860. Mappin & Co lasted until 1864 when J N Mappin took his brother in law George Webb into partnership and the company became Mappin, Webb & Co. It became Mappin & Webb in 1868. So your pot dates from 1860-1864.

I suspect it is missing some sort of shaft up to a handle which would make it, as you suspect, a condiment holder.

P93 may be a pattern number, but I can’t suggest any possibilities for the other marks.

Finally it is silverplate rather than solid silver.

thank you so much, I dont care its plate, its good to know the age and history behind it, its the oldest thing I have, apart from my fella, :laughing: once again thank you
Deb x