Please Identify Year of Manufacture


I have a set of six silver spoons with either 2 hockey sticks or 2 golf clubs on them. The hall mark is Sheffield ( Crown), Sterling Silver (Lion), a letter q and the makers name of W & N. Cannot find anywhere that will set the date for me please help.


Try here…

Think it’s 1908 but I’m no expert!!

Many Thanks for that. Also discovered from the site that the maker is Walker and Hall!!

Now to find out if they are worth anything or one to put a side for 50 years or so.!! 8)

It’s agood site and so is this one…researching the hallmarks is the most exciting thing about silver for me…you should post a photo on the What’s it Worth section…one of the experts will give you an informal idea of value. Think a photo is pretty much a necessity though as one small detail can make a huge difference…all the best…gino