Pocket Watch Date Letter - Help please?

Apologies for asking for more help (trying to sort out my father-in-laws estate)
I want to say this date letter is a t but I’m unable to find one that matches, 1817 looks the closest to me. Any help on a year would be wonderful thank you.

The date letter is l (lower case L) for 1885. I would hazard a guess that the movement is by the Waltham Watch Co, an American company, as AB is their sponsor’s mark, AB being Alfred Bedford, the manager of their UK arm.


Thank you so much again.
Now you’ve said it, I can see it. The little side line thre me.

Hi Phil, is this item silver plated or sterling silver? Looking at the photos it looks plated to me, thank you!

Sterling silver. The hallmark is the guarantee of silver standard.