Pocket watch Hallmarks please, AND those on the chain

Hi folks, i have inherited a silver pocket watch i have been researching.

I think the GS is for George Stockwell of Stockwell & co ltd and the U is for London ? Please advise if ive got that wrong.

Is the date letter an O or a D ??

I can’t find much on google for the Mistic watch company except its Swiss.

Is the chain bar and coin original ?

The coin is stamped VIIT.EM.111. RE.D. ITALIA.

Around the coins rim it is stamped FERT and there are small star shaped stamps.

The bar is hallmarked B & S with a lion and either the letter L or I, and each link has a small lion hallmark.

George Stockwell & Co is correct. The date letter is d for 1919/20. The U is actually the astrological sign for Leo used by the London Assay Office for imported silver.

Your T-bar picture shows only the lion passant and date letter. However the date letter is instantly recognisable as the Chester date letter Z for 1925/26. This implies that B&S must be Britton & Sons, a Birmingham company who seem to have specialised in watch chains and cases.

Coins are not my speciality but reading the rim it appears to be an Italian coin with the head of Victor Emmanuel III who was king of Italy from 1900 until 1946.


Thanks again Phil appreciate it.

Got to find somewhere to sell this lot now, its been sitting in a wardrobe for years !