port cup stand marked 771

Hi this is my first question,I am quite a novice as far as silver or metal goes.I have what appears to be a tray/stand with a handle and four small drinking cups.
On the underside are two letters I cannot make out then two further letters that are & s with a trumpet above and a number 4 beneath.
In a seperate area on the underside it has a number 771 with the letters EPBM underneath.
Below this there is a letter E with a STAR beneath.
I am trying to find some information on its origin and if it has any value.
Hopeing somebody out there can help me.

Hi John,
Without a picture of the marks it is very hard to tell you anything for sure, but I will have a go…
The EPBM mark stands for ElectroPlated Brittania Metal, so the tray is pewter. Pewter is collectable in its own right these days, although not as desired as sterling or Old Sheffield plated wares.
The mark of ?? & S (the mark you cannot make out the first letters of), sounds like James Dixons & Sons mark (as the trumpet was used by Dixon after 1879). The mark was introduced in 1879, and was used up until round 1935, so your tray must have been made during this period.
The 771 mark was probably a pattern number so the tray could be reordered by a shop from the factory.

I don’t know of any mark that is an E with a star beneath, it might be the shop mark of where the tray was originaly sold, but without seeing it i can’t tell you. If you can post an image of the tray and of the marks I will confirm everything and give you an idea of value.
Hope that helps a bit.