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possible 1700's newcastle silver, very unsure though

I found a spoon among some junk donated to me that I assumed was just a cheap, fairly new silver spoon of the type you can get in H Samuel but popped into a local jewelers to see if they could tell me more. The problem is because it was so worn they couldn’t say much, but they thought it looked like it was from newcastle in the 1700’s according to their bradbury’s book of hallmarks. other than that the guy suggested some online research so any help or pointers in the right direction would be appreciated. unfortunately no real history is known about it.

here are some photo’s at different angles. the spoon itself feels fairly heavy for it’s size, it has a deep ‘spoon’ part and some engraved initials/monogram that I can’t make out.

No, not Newcastle silver I’m afraid. This is electroplate. The company (unidentified unfortunately) is J&JW. Inverting your first picture of the marks or reading up from the bottom of the other picture, the first part is “A1” (an indicator of plating quality), then “J” “&” “J” “W”. Finally the bit in the shield is something (possibly a crown) over EP, the latter standing for electroplate.