Possible Loose Tea Strainer?

Hi, y’all! I have a piece that my parents and I cannot identify. My father suggested that it was used for straining loose tea, but thinks it was part of another piece (because of the three holes on the base), I think the holes are solely for decoration (or, as I jokingly told him, a way to call Batman to tea! :slight_smile: )

In any case, we have no idea what this was originally used for, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Also, in the first picture you can see spots on the silver, any suggestions on how to remove those? These hadn’t been cleaned in a very long time and either the solutions we had were really old or really weak since they didn’t do anything to the tarnish that was on them, the only thing that removed the tarnish was my jewelry cleaning cloth. The solutions we used were TarnX (which had a sell-by date of sometime in 2000) and Mr. Metal All-Metal Polish (which we picked up after junking our remaining TarnX). The TarnX lighted up some of the tarnish on other pieces but the Mr. Metal didn’t do a thing to the tarnish.