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possible Sheffield Silverplate 3 arm, 4 light candlelabra

pictures posted
i do not see any copper under the silver…so i don’t think it is old sheffield

the hallmarks are: the crown, the erased lion, followed by capitol “P”, “G”, “S”

under the 5 square hallmarks, is “J.B” I believe the makers mark, not impressed in an obect, just the typeface “J.B”

Therefore, I believe Sheffield assay mark, silverplate mark, the P = 1858 year, but what is the separate G and S for??

Please advise. thanks…


Your pictures are not showing up. I don’t think we will be able to help you without actually seeing the marks.

these are the photos, pardon my lapse of computer skills
appreciate any help, thank you

here is the full view of the candlelabra

It is a little difficult to see the marks in your picture, but, combining what I can see with your description, I can say that they are not Sheffield silver assay marks. As there is no other sort of fineness mark on them such as 925 or sterling I have to assume that they are plated.

thank you…the crown looks like sheffield, right?

also, if it is not sheffield, do you think it is counterfeit…? I think it must be silverplate over nickel? but, it is heavy and thick silver (not electroplate) there are no low spots, or yellow undertones…

any other opinions would be helpful…

It appears to be a silverplate mark, and there are no real regulations regarding them - many plate marks are made to resemble sterling silver marks in some respect. The intent is to deceive or pass off a silver plate item as possibly sterling. We really look for a negative here…the absence of a known sterling silver (or other solid silver) mark immediately downgrades the item to probably silverplated. Because solid silver items are far more expensive than silver plated ones, the makers of solid silver are VERY proud of them, and go to great lengths to clearly mark them as solid silver…the converse is ture - a “silver looking” item that is not clearly marked solid silver is almost always silver plated at best, often even pewter, german silver alloy, or aluminum.


Uncle Vic