Possible Shiebler Etruscan pieces, help confirm?

I recently purchased a set of 21 of these “canape ?” forks from a small local resale shop. I have 7 different cameo’s or medallions besides the one I have pictured. I have done a bit of research on them via the internet and believe the hallmark is Shiebler, the pattern to be Etruscan, c. 1880’s. However, I have yet to come across any images of pieces like these that would confirm this identification. So, to more experienced eyes…are they Shiebler, Etruscan? If so, are they indeed canape forks? This description is the most obvious to me - corn holders, according to one article, “Dining with the ancients: Shiebler’s Etruscan flatware” hinted at corn holders or canape forks, but the internet article did not include images…Any help would be appreciated greatly!

Either way they are unique pieces that I immediately fell in love with!
Shiebler hallmark.jpg

Hi there and thanks for joining us. Yes, they were made by George W. Shiebler & Co. of New York which was founded in 1867 and went out of business in 1915. Based on the mark, your picks were made between about 1895 and 1915. I consider Shiebler to be one of the better American makers. Take a look at www.replacements.com to find the pattern.


Uncle Vic

Thank you so much for confirming! I am relatively new at this and have enjoyed the hunt to identify pieces I have come across…these really baffled me. I am glad too to have found this forum! It will be wonderful to read, participate and learn from others! Thank you again for your help!