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Possible Stirling silver butter knife

Is my late grandmother’s knife and no idea the marks

Not sterling, nor even silver. This is a typical electroplater’s mark. Your picture is too blurred to make out the details so I cannot even begin to identify the mark.


I looked up the electroplated marks and still doesn’t match the only mark on the back i can make out is a shield with a picture inside it

There are possibly thousands (or more) electroplate marks which have not been published or identified as there is not as much interest in them as there is in silver marks. Your new picture is still unfocused and does not show the bit which might get us closer to an identification.

I tried the magnet thing to see if the magnet would stick and it’s a very strong magnet and it wouldn’t stick to the knife only a very weak pull i felt

I tried a magnifying glass and could only make out the shield with the picture, i drew the picture in the shield

I think the three letters and the bottom are dsa

The letters are actually D&A - I managed to work it out with the help of your suggestion. This is Daniel & Arter, a Birmingham (England) company. You can see examples of their marks, including the one on your butter knife, here.


Yay thank you any idea what silver and what year please

It is electroplate, not silver.

You will find an indication of Daniel & Arter’s working dates on the link in my previous post. It is not possible to date your butter knife with any more accuracy.

They didn’t do electroplated

Yes, they did - see DANIEL & ARTER: HISTORY AND INFORMATION PAGE. Also remember that it is not a requirement to mark electroplate as such.