Possibly Silver?

Hey all.
I’ve had this plate hanging on my wall for a few years.
It’s in my computer room/office
My wife isn’t keen but I like it
I glance at it now and again, as some do with art
I’ve always just thought of it as a tarnished bit of ‘metal’
For some reason I took it down and looked again, and thought, could it be silver?
I sniffed it and I couldn’t smell that ‘metallic’ smell
I’ve had a look around the internet and the first thing suggested was a magnet.
It’s not magnetic
I didn’t know silver could tarnish and pit to this degree but have now read it can
The only mark is a stamp on the back (the rectangular bit at the top) stating ‘MADE IN FRANCE’ with a capital B in a circle above the M of MADE.
Underneath that is ‘MODELE DEPOSE’, apparently ‘Registered Design’ in French.
Any clues?

This is most likely electroplated with the base layer showing through where the plating has been damaged.

The French have a well defined hallmarking system and, even if this plate, with its English language “Made in France”, been intended for export only, it would have had something indicating silver content. The pitting is nothing like you would see with solid silver which would be caused by small impurities in the mix. The magnet test is only conclusive if there is a reaction as both silver and many base metal alloys are non-magnetic.


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Thanks Phil
You may well be right
I would have expected EPNS stamp, but that said
What could the base layer be?
I’ve rubbed my hand over it and can’t smell anything
The tarnishing around the edge doesn’t look ‘layered’ like I’ve seen with some EPNS tarnishing
If it polished back to ‘silver’ colour would that be evidence of anything?
I’m surprised I can’t find anything like it online.

Nickel silver alloy will polish to a “silver” finish, perhaps not as well as solid silver. The discolouration has a definite copper colour so polishing may bring that out instead.

The colour in the pic is a bit misleading
In the light it has a sort of purply oil hue to it
What about the lack of ‘metal’ smell?
Does nickel silver alloy go dull, which it is in the main subject?
Also, does anyone know who could have designed it?
I can’t find anything like it online?
Questions, questions. I’m learning, slowly. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I have found an image of the same plate online which is described as pewter. I would be happy to agree with that. The original image is from a painting entitled “The Lacemaker” by Vermeer.

I have found it.
Now to see if I can clean it!
I’ve looked at many examples and still can’t find mine
I don’t have a stamp with an angel
Mine doesn’t have beads around the collar
The closest to mine that I have found describes it as silver/brass
Even that one is different
Who would have thought such a simple item could have so many variants.
I continue to search.

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