Poultry Show Cup

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My mom obtained this trophy in a charity shop. It was made by Barker Brothers from Birmingham in 1903. Dimensions of trophy: 158mm high, 75mm wide. It weighs 145grams.
It has the following engraved on it:

It was Presented by the mayor of Queenstown (1900-1907), Herbert Price. I found the following about him:
Death of Mr Herbert PRICE (Tuesday, April 21, 1931)
Ex-Mayor of Queenstown, Father of Bongolo Water Scheme
Mr. Herbert PRICE, who left Queenstown for Pretoria in 1915, died last Tuesday at the residence of his son, Advocate Norman PRICE, at Pretoria. Deceased was born in the Cradock district 72 years ago, and as a young man came to Queenstown, where, with his brother, he started the well-known auctioneering firm of PRICE Brothers. He left the firm, however, and went to the Rand, and was in Johannesburg during the Jameson Raid. He returned to Queenstown just before the Boer War, and again set up in the auctioneering business, this time on his own account.
He joined the Town Council, and soon showed his go-ahead spirit by pressing for the Bongolo scheme. He became Mayor of Queenstown, a position which he held with dignity for some years, and during which time he laid the foundation stone of the Bongolo wall. He was in every sense a progressive Mayor, and he worked in close conjunction with the late Mr. James LAMONT, who succeeded him in the Mayoral chair. Mr. PRICE was more of a literary than a business man, and a book of poems and sonnets by him gained him considerable fame in England. He was an enthusiast over the chess board. He had a kindly nature, but suffered personally by the large amount of time he devoted to the public welfare. He loved Queenstown and often said he wished he were a wealthy man as there was so much he could do for Queenstown, a town he loved so well…

What will such a piece be worth? (not that I will easily part with it)
What can be seen as pro’s and cons when evaluating such objects?
Will it be something a poultry lover will collect or will it be worth more to someone interested in history of the town?
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Hi there Jan,

I’ll start the discussion off!

English trophies of this period are quite common. It seems that it is more the history of them that people are interested in that the item themselves.

I think this one is interesting, although it is lacking who it was presented to (they probably never got around to having it engraved, or it may have not ended up being presented).

I think it would be most likely someone interested in the town who would be interested, but someone looking for a unique gift for a chicken loving friend or relative may well buy it too.

In terms of value, it is really the weight of it that would affect that, they are sadly often only worth a little more than scrap value at times (around $100), but at other times it might make a bit more.

Keen to hear other peoples thoughts too!