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pounce pot?

To me it looks like a salt or pepper shaker, but i am told its a “pounce pot”.
It comes from the Nethercoat family in Northamptonshire England, so we believe. The other side has a letter “N” which appears on other family silver and plate. It is 73mm tall and 48mm across the base.

there is a porous pad set into the base. not sure what its made of. Looks like cloth.

The top comes off to refill it with whatever goes in. No sign of what was in there.

There are no silver marks except an EC inside a shield like shape and the words “sterling silver” next to it.

did they make pounce pots that looked like salt shakers?
any guesses as to when this was made?

I think this a “modern” (i.e. 20th century) pepperette, probably American, although I’m not sure about the porous pad you describe. Pounce pots normally had fairly ornate piercings and had virtually become obsolete by late Victorian times - blotting paper is so much less messy and more convenient!

“pounce pot” A Writing prerequisite Used before blotting paper was invented you shake a powder used to prevent ink from spreading and to blot up excess ink.

The Cloth I think will be a baise type similar to felt which whould have protected a surface of a highly polished writing desk