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presented freemasons tray, engraved, 1935

[size=18]Have freemasons ceromonly tray, given as a gift to one of my relatives for service as treasurer, might be silver plated,? maker is Walker & Hall,
has W & H in a flag, underneath it in a bod is the letter F, and a number 53524 A1,
What is it? is it silver, electorplated, it was made in 1935, and engraved with his name.
If I sold it how much is it worth.

We would need to see a picture of the mark to be absolutely certain, but I’m pretty sure it’s silver plate due to the presence of A1 and the fact that you have not described any silver hallmarks. Final value is going to be dependent on size, but the engraving and material mean that it is not going to fetch very much.