Puiforcat silver plated cup?

Hi Everyone,
I just want to get confirmation that the Puiforcat cup in this photo is silver plated
and not sterling. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe to be sterling, the Puiforcat hallmark would be a diamond shape and there would be an additional Minerva stamp?


Hello, this item is silver plated. I see the E P engraved in the background, which stands for Electro plate.

Just a small correction to apcmetal’s post: although the mark has E and P on it either side of a symbol, it actually stands for Emile Puiforcat, one of the founders of the company. However it is still electroplated as French electroplate marks are conventionally composed of 2 letters and a symbol in a square or rectangular punch. French silver marks are diamond-shaped as DougL says.


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I didn’t know, for me whenever I see EP I’m already sure it’s silver plated :joy: :joy: :joy: Thanks Phil