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Queen Anne Porringer

The marks, although rubbed, show, up to, 1712. My question is, should the maker’s mark raise any eyebrows & my blood pressure? Or is it ‘just’ Timothy Ley?

I’m not convinced about Timothy Ley, John. His mark was LE in conformity with the law requiring the first 2 letters of the surname to be used. I prefer Nathaniel Lock (Grimwade no 1948). This has a key above which may well have been lost over time on your porringer. I would also go for 1713 as the date, but I always have difficulties with this cycle as it’s not immediately obvious what the letter is supposed to be.

As far as wow factors go I think that at that age they are all much of a muchness, unless it’s Lamerie of course!


No, I’m going to change my mind about Nathaniel Lock; the key in his mark is too close to the LO not to be seen on your mark and the symbol below the letters is not as much like a cross as in your picture. Having said that I can’t find anything else in Grimwade which matches…

Well my Lamerie thoughts have eased … slightly :confused:
That said … what chance?
Thanks Phil