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Queen Victoria Silver Mark Help Needed


I am trying to identify the background on a silver serving piece I inherited. An expert in Scottish silver told me it is not from Scotland - but could perhaps be from England or the U.S. I inherited the piece from an elderly aunt (born 1895) who collected antiques.

Below is a URL of pictures of the piece, which is hollow-ware. It has been packed up for many years so it needs polishing. The expert on Scottish silver said that it may be a Queen Victoria Jubilee piece. (I had mistakenly thought the shield in the middle with the D matched the 1848 mark for Glasgow.)

Thank you in advance,
Julie T.

not wanting you to be overhyped by this but maybe this a rare diamond jubilee mark of queen victoria. It certainly would explain the D in the coat of arms, i believe she held it in 1897. So your aunt wouldnt have got this herself, maybe bought/given later in life. I have never seen a diamond jubilee mark like this. Certainly the design of the item would represent such a historic time.