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Queens pattern cutlery


I am a junior silver collector, I am collecting silver cutlery for my own use. I have started with GMJ forks in the beautiful Queens pattern and I had to realize (later!) that items in this pattern are quite rare.

The next aquisition was teaspoons James Whiting in the same period. I am attaching photos for your review.

I am considering buying some silver dessert knifes and I have the following concerns:

  1. They are Sheffield vs London my other items
  2. They are having a man crest
  3. Not to mention different maker etc.

The other question I would be grateful for an answer is how difficult is to find spoons in this pattern, any matching maker that you recommend? What about knives?

Many thanks for your thoughts.
dessert knives.JPG
GMJ forks 1.JPG

A simple answer to the Sheffield vs London question. Sheffield was a cutlery (knives) manufacturing centre whereas London and to some extent, as time progressed, Birmingham, were flatware producers.

Crests do not detract from the value and actually sometime add to it, depending on what the crest is. It is almost inevitable that a collected set such as the one you are putting together will have different makers. Silverware sets were a collaboration between a number of manufacturers. Bladesmiths and haftmakers making the knives and flatware makers making the spoons and forks.

Good luck with your collection.