[size=150]Hello I’m new here I have a Mauser Sterling spoon looks like it could be used for sugar or berries I’m not sure on the back of the spoon it has on the handle Mauser M.F.G CO. (nothing about new york.) It also has a pic of either a unicorn, horse or lion??? It also said Sterling PAT. then on the mouth of the spoon on the back it says 50 PAT. Also on the front of the spoon looks like there is Maybe a K initial??? it has dots and looks like roses , Does anyone know anything about this spoon? I’ve looked on ebay and can’t seem to find one like it. I was wondering if it was worth anything. I have pictures on my cell phone but not on my computer if anyone is interested in seeing it.[/size]

Hi Monica and thanks for joining us. Your spoon was indeed made by the Mauser Manufacturing Co. which was in business from 1897 until 1903. Their trademark is a tiny unicorn. The company moved from North Attleboro, Mass. to NYC in about 1890. The company merged with Mt. Vernon Silver in 1903. It is one of my favorite American makers and I consider Muaser silver to be of the highest quality. I’d need to see a photo of the spoon to venture a view on its intended purpose. You might check the Mauser listings on for a match and perhaps their “high retial” value.


Uncle Vic