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Question about AP

Hello, I have a query about a ring I bought and I want to check the silversmith’s code. This ring was told to me by the seller that it dates back to 1975, but I am afraid that it is a counterfeit because the silversmith’s code I searched for and did not find it until 1975, I mean with the code AP and sorry about my English thanks team

The maker’s mark, AP, is not known to me, but the hallmark is quite clearly Birmingham, 1975.


So no fear to be fake or something

The hallmark is 100% genuine

But why the code AP not knowing ???!!!

There are no published comprehensive records for modern makers’ marks so we only know a small number. The Assay Offices keep records and may identify makers if asked.

I just understood what you mean. I was afraid that the stamps in the ring were fake because I didn’t know where the ring came from and the ring is clean in shape, but now I am reassured by your answer. Thank you very much

And look how the ring very clean like modern