Question about International Silver Co Marks

I have a 103 pc set of Trianon flatware by International Silver Co. While I know the mark is International Silver-there is also a small “C” stamped on the back on the Forks (up by the beginning of the tines.) What is the significance of the letter? Some of the spoons have a “B” and the knives, and the salad forks do not seem to have it at all. I am just curious as to what those letters mean? Is one letter more favorable than another? And does NOT having one of the letters decrease value?

Thank You!
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Hi there and thanks for joining us. The letters refer to the weight of the flatware. International used various weight markings prior to 1920 and beginning about then used the following letters to designate weights:

A - teaspoon (5 o’clock)
B - Trade
C - Regular
D - Heavy
E - Massive

There were a number of exceptions to this system depending on the pattern and it was changed by about 1941 when only some teaspoons were weight-marked. The system was rather confusing. There is an extensive discussion of International’s weight-marking in Dorothy Rainwater’s “Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers” 5th Ed.

The heavier peices are obviously more valuable. The lack of a wieght mark on individual pieces is probably not of any real consequence to the overall value of the set.


Uncle Vic

Thank you so much UNCLE VIC. I had no idea what I was looking at!