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Question: Georg Jensen tie bar hallmark 'sequence'? (photos)

Hi all, I’m new to this forum and pretty stoked to be here - there truly is an internet forum for every interest under te sun!! :slight_smile:

Anyway my first post here is not your usual ‘identify this hallmark’ thread. :sunglasses:

There is instead a small twist - does the sequence in which the hallmarks that appear on the back of a JG tie bar ever vary for the same model?

I’m asking because I’ve found (locally) a particular JG tie bar I’ve sought after for ages, but the hallmarks are in a different order to ALL the photos I’ve seen of the exact same item online. I’ve handled it, and it looks authentic, with all other features appearing dead on - except for that one thing.

The following photos are not of the actual tie bar I am interested in, but illustrate what I am talking about.

Photo 1 - this is how the hallmark ‘order’ is on the tie bar I’ve found locally goes: silver/country > crest > model #

Photo 2 - this is how the hallmark ‘order’ is on all the photos of the SAME tie bar I’ve found online go: crest > silver/country > model #

Were there variations in hallmark ‘order’ within the same model? Help!! :frowning: