Questions from an inherited hoard! Chicago spoon/grape plate/pretzel mark

Hello - I’ve been using your resources for a couple of weeks but have a couple questions I can’t answer alone as my sisters and I start to work through a houseful of treasures collected by my grandmother. I have successfully identified several pieces of silver but the following are giving me trouble!

This spoon I tracked down to 1889 through your forum, what I can’t figure out is the Chicago part? Any ideas?

I also have this wick trimmer, which I think is (very battered) sheffield plate but I can’t quite make out the first mark and searching “two pretzels” has not been fruitful :smiley: I’d love to be able to date it, at least roughly if possible!

Finally, I have been able to identify this Elkington & Co grape plate (imagine having one of these just to hang grapes!) but it is sadly damaged. How best would I des

I appreciate any expertise you may be able to share. Rose

The “wick trimmer” marks (including the pretzels) look like it could be George Gibbs.


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A reference for this identification: English electroplate silver: marks and hallmarks of British silver plate: Ga-Gn

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Thank you @silvermakersmarks and @jglw that’s the one!