R&B Hallmark for Sugar & Creamer

Does anyone know what this hallmark is for this sugar and creamer? Any other information is appreciated.

Thank you so much!

R&B = Roberts & Belk
S = Sheffield (Yorkshire, England)
EP = electroplate
fleur-de-lys = trademark

Thank You! What is the value of this? Thank you for all your help.

Also, what is the 1705 and do you know how to tell how old it is?

1705 is a manufacturer-specific identity. Your pieces probably date from the 20th century but have very little value as they are not silver.

Thank you. I want to sell them since I am downsizing, can you recommend a price?

It looks to me from your second picture that the glass pieces do not belong to the cruet base which would originally have held condiment bottles such as oil and vinegar. I cannot suggest any sort of valuation because of this, because of the fact that electroplate value is very dependent on plating condition, and because I do not know the conditions in your local market.